Where to Eat in Hamilton

halalHalal is a Muslim term that means “permissible by Islamic law”. According to the Halal Monitoring Authority in Canada, all domestic birds, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, types of buck, rabbits, fish and locusts that are fit for consumption must be slaughtered according to certain guidelines. All fruits and vegetables are Halal as long as they have not come into contact with “haram” (non-permissible) items, which could occur via contamination by utensils or surfaces. http://hma.jucanada.org/whats_halal.aspx

Al-Amin Grocery and Halal Meat
Location: 295 James St. North, Hamilton

Basilique Restaurant*
Mediterranean-style cuisine; Vegetarian and Vegan Options
Location: 1065 King Street West, Hamilton
Website: http://www.basilique.ca/
*McMaster’s Meal Plan Accepted

Mahal Restaurant*

Indian Cuisine; Vegetarian Options
Location: 22 King Street East, Hamilton
Website: http://www.mahalhamilton.com/
*McMaster’s Meal Plan Accepted

kosherKosher is a term that refers to food deemed fit for consumption according to Jewish dietary laws, which prohibit such foods as pork or shellfish and the mixing of dairy and meat products at the same meal or within several hours after eating either one of these dishes. (Matlins, 2002)

Hamilton Kosher
Hamilton Kosher serves prime cuts of fresh beef, veal, lamb and poultry. Staff will prepare cuts specific to each customer’s needs. They have a full line of take home cuisine and offer catering services for up to 650 guests. All products bearing the Hamilton Kosher label are certified Kosher by The Vaad Hakashrus of Hamilton, Rabbi Green. In addition, their beef, veal and lamb selections are all under the supervision of THE BETS DIN OF CROWN HEIGHTS, Rabbi Ozdover.

Location: 889 King St. West, Hamilton
Website: http://www.hamiltonkosher.com/

Second Cup
Offering a Kosher drink menu along with a selection of Kosher baked goods.
Location: 1004 King St. West, Hamilton
Website: www.secondcup.com

TCBY in Westdale provides Kosher, low-fat, no fat and sugar free frozen yogurt flavours.
Location: 1059 King St. West, Hamilton
Website: www.tcbycanada.com

Westdale Deli
Providing a wide range of Kosher foods.
Location: 893 King Street West, Hamilton
Contact: 905-529-2605

Additional Resources

The Faith and Food website provides information on what, why and where you can eat in accordance with your faith.

Zabihah.com is the world’s largest guide to halal restaurants and products.

Matlins, S. (2002). How to Be a perfect stranger (3rd ed.) Skylight Paths.