Positive Spaces

Queer campus community members and their allies march as part of Mac Pride 2012.

Queer campus community members and their allies march as part of Mac Pride 2012.

Positive spaces, that is to say LGBTQ-affirming places of worship, support the human rights of LGBTQ-identified persons and their families and condemn the exclusion, discrimination, emotional abuse and physical violence to which members of the LGBTQ communities continue to be subjected.

Here are some places of worship in Hamilton that identify themselves as being affirming or positive spaces of worship.

Church of the Resurrection
Location: 435 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton, Ontario
Contact: 905-389-1942, oneresurrection@shaw.ca
Website: http://www.angmtnparishes.on.ca/contact/contact.htm

Christ’s Church Cathedral
Location: 252 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario
Contact: 905-527-1316
Website: www.cathedralhamilton.ca
Affiliated with: Integrity Niagara (http://integritycanada.org/contact.html)

Grace Lutheran Church
Location: 1107 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario
Contact: 905-527-0877, pastor@glc.ca
Website: http://www.glc.ca/HOME.html

Centenary United Church
Location: 24 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario
Website: http://www.centenaryunited.org/

St. Andrew’s United Church
Location: 479 Upper Paradise Rd, Hamilton, Ontario
Contact: 905-383-7411
Website: http://www.standrewsunitedhamilton.ca/index.php

The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton
Location: 170 Dundurn Street South, Hamilton, ON
Contact: 905-527-8441; info@firstunitarianhamilton.org
Website: http://www.firstunitarianhamilton.org/

Westdale United Church
Location: 99 North Oval, Hamilton, Ontario
Contact: westdaleunitedchurch@bellnet.ca; 905-528-4215
Website: http://www.westdaleunited.ca/

Additional Resources:

Equality in Your Faith Community: A Guide to LGBT-Inclusive Religious Practices

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto

• Information on the Bible: http://www.mcctoronto.com/Resources/the_bible.htm

• Transcript from July 12, 2002 Ontario Superior Court of Justice Decision
• The ruling of this decision stated that denying same-sex couples the equal right to marry is unconstitutional.

• Transcript from the June 10, 2003 Ontario Court of Appeal Decision
• The ruling of this decision upheld the ruling of a lower court in declaring the definition of marriage as a heterosexual-only term as a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.